Delicious Food Bar Ideas for Your Wedding

Gone are the days of weddings with dried out chicken breast and questionable fish served in your mother’s church basement. Here at Zingerman’s, we’ve always loved doing things a little differently and we love seeing when our guests like to enjoy food just as much as we do! So whether you’re planning your big day or you’re celebrating with a more relaxed reception following your elopement, we’re ready to help you serve the food you love, with a style that’s 100% yours.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that buffet equals boring. We’ve met some really creative couples that want to showcase the food in their own way, whether that means various stations around the venue or food themes that resonate with their guests. Perhaps you love the idea of interactive food; you want people to mingle, customization is important, and everyone is allowed to create their own food destiny. If you’re planning your wedding for late summer, consider making the most of what the season has to offer and create a Caprese Bar for your friends! A variety of the best local tomatoes served alongside olive oil, aged balsamic, various mozzarellas (including the hand-pulled mozzarella made at Zingerman’s Creamery!), fresh basil, and an assortment of freshly baked bread. We think it’s the perfect way to kick off cocktail hour.

Another great food theme that many Zingerman’s fans have loved over the years is good old-fashioned Barbecue. Guests can assemble their own sliders on mini Bakehouse salted brioche rolls from hand-pulled BBQ beef, saucy BBQ chicken, or our spicy Cuban pork. You’ll be glad the rolls are mini because you’ll want to try all three! Vegetarians can opt to make sliders with tomatoes and the Deli’s pimento cheese so everyone can feel like they’re attending a Southern BBQ. Add some macaroni and cheese, colorful vinegar slaw, our Corn Country salad if it’s the summer, and you’ll be the bride or groom that’s remembered for the food in the best possible way.

If you’re a couple of night owls and you plan on dancing the night away with all of your closest friends, you might consider a late night snack bar. The choices are up to you, but nothing sounds better after an evening of festivities than a make-your-own mac and cheese bar. Whether you choose to top it with roasted onions, mushrooms, blue cheese, green chiles, or crumbled bacon, you can’t go wrong when you’re making your own mac-and-cheese snack. If you have more of a sweet tooth, consider a gelato bar. Start with a base of whatever flavor of Zingerman’s Creamery gelato you enjoy and add the toppings! Sliced strawberries, caramel sauce, hot fudge, mini brownies, whipped cream…it’s the sweetest way to send your guests off.

We’ve always prided ourselves on making flavorful food in the traditional way. And we want to serve your favorite foods from all over the world. Maybe you’d like a Spanish themed cocktail hour with our Spinach España salad and a variety of pintxos (Spanish small bite tapas). Piquillo peppers stuffed with tuna and caper salad or manchego cheese served alongside Membrillo and Marcona almonds might give your guests a flashback to their semester abroad in Spain. Or maybe Mediterranean food is more your vibe. Serve our lamb skewers or meatballs with hummus for appetizers and let your guests feast on our Moroccan spiced Vegetable Tagine and Tunisian chicken overtop Beldi olives and prunes once dinner rolls around.

Don’t go along with the outdated mindset that your wedding food has to be boring. We are here to join you in proclaiming that your wedding should be fun, interactive, and memorable and your food should be a major part of that! Just remember that the world is your oyster when it comes to food stations at your wedding and we’re here to make it all possible. Speaking of oysters, perhaps your guests might like an interactive raw bar!

Whatever you’re looking for we’re happy to help. Browse our catering menu to see all your options.

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