L’Shanah Tovah! Ring in the New Year with a spread from Zingerman’s Deli! We’ve prepared a full menu of flavorful Rosh Hashanah inspired foods for your celebration. From Challah bread to Beef Brisket to Baked Knishes, we’ve got a variety of great dishes and desserts to help you sweeten up the new year!  And, to make things extra sweet, our entire honey selection is 20% off from 9/11 to 9/20. Give us a call at (734) 663-3400 or place your order online!

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$45 / box

New Year’s round small challah, a jar of fireweed honey from MoonshineTrading Co., 4 crisp Michigan apples and Bakehouse currant and walnut rugelach, all together in a ZIngerman’s cartooned box

challahs & Baked goods

New YEAr’s Round ChalLAh $9.99/large $6.50/small

New YEAr’s Round ChalLAh w/ Meyer’s rum-soaked raisins $15.99/large $9.99/small

Special round challah from Zingerman’s Bakehouse! Traditional Jewish egg bread made with freshly cracked eggs and clover honey.

Available 9/14–9/28

MoroCcan ChalLAh $8.99/ea

More rockin’ challah from Zingerman’s Bakehouse! The challah of the Moroccan Jewish community—it’s rolled in magnanimous mounds of anise, poppy, and sesame seeds, sweetened with honey and enriched with fresh whole yolks, then woven into a beautiful five-braid loaf.

Available 9/14–9/28

mATzO ProJect CRacKErs $9.50/box

From our friends Ashley and Kevin in Brooklyn, NY, these are small batch wonders. Grab a box of this “surprisingly delicious matzo” Salted or Everything Matzo crackers.

HalvAh SwiRL CHeEsecaKE $40/ea

Zingerman’s Bakehouse starts by swirling together their classic and chocolate cheesecake fillings. Just when things couldn’t get any better, they throw in a touch of tahini and finish it off with delicious chunks of of Hebel & Co Halva from Los Angeles. This flavor packed filling is baked in a rich black magic brownie crust. The new definition of indulgence!

bumBLe HonEycAke $17.50/ea

Welcome a sweet New Year with this wheat free (not gluten free) honey cake from Zingerman’s Bakehouse. Made with rye flour, a healthy helping of buckwheat honey, freshly brewed black tea, golden raisins, toasted almonds, fresh eggs, and lots of spice.

Available 9/14–9/28

apPle rétEs $25/ea

We’re really excited to feature this hyper local and super special fruit strudel from Zingerman’s Bakehouse. Just in time for Rosh Hashanah, this strudel is made with very special “transparent apples” from friends at Nemeth Farms in Milan, MI. This apple variety dates back to the 1850s and are most similar to the granny smith but have a lighter color and an even more tart flavor profile that will touch all your taste buds!

Babka $20/ea

There’s a lot going on in our babka. We start with a rich buttery brioche dough, paint it with dark chocolate, sprinkle it with chocolate crumble and orange syrup soaked raisins, twist it up, and carefully place that work of art in a pan. The loaf is baked to a golden brown with a fragrant cinnamon sugar top. We’ll go a long way for full flavor!

coOkie gIfT boxEs $20/1 lb box

Choose from: mandelbread, apricot/current walnut rugelach, dark chocolate ganache/raspberry preserve rugelach, or date/sesame almond rugelach.

heBEl & Co HALVa on sale $15/ea (REG $19)

Hebel & Co craft premium halva with an emphasis on ingredients, taste and texture. Their halva is nutty, complex, outrageously versatile, ridiculously creamy, and frankly, delicious. Choose from vanilla, chocolate, or pistachio.


braised BeEf brisket $22/lb

Long-time staple of the Deli. Marinated and braised for hours with herbs and garlic. Served thickly sliced and with a side of beef gravy. (3–4 servings per pound)

Whole-roasted freE-range chiCken $30/each

We roast whole Amish chicken with lemon and fresh herbs. (approximately 4 lbs; 4 servings)

lamb and Honey stEw $20/lb

Straight from the Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating (pg. 378), lamb slow-cooked with rosemary honey, Spanish saffron and organic potatoes. (3–4 servings per pound)


Jewish Chicken Broth $9/quart

Zingerman’s broth made daily in our kitchen from free-range, Amish-raised chickens. (4 servings per quart)

Matzo BalLs 99¢/each

Homemade from matzo meal, fresh eggs and chicken schmaltz. Chicken broth isn’t the same without some matzo balls. (Recommended 1–2 per person)

HanDmAde Gefilte Fish $6.50/each

Limited availability! Made in our kitchen from freshwater fish, matzo meal, fresh eggs, sea salt and white pepper, then poached in fish broth. Available Gluten Free just ask for GFGF! (Recommended 1 per person)

SweEt CarRot TziMmes $10/lb

Special Rosh Hashanah edition of tzimmes made with sweet organic carrots, slow-cooked with dried fruit and spices. (2–4 servings per pound)

ChoPped LIver $4.50/half pint

Made from Amish chicken livers, lots of deeply browned sweet onions, chicken schmaltz and hard boiled eggs. (2–3 servings per half pint)

HanDmAde Baked Knishes $5/each or 3/$12

The classic Jewish pastry. Tender, baked pastry wrapped around savory fillings.

4 flavors to choose from:

Potato Yukon Gold potatoes, onions, fresh eggs and herbs.

Chicken Roasted chicken, onions and potatoes cooked in schmaltz and herbs.

Kasha The original starch-on-starch toasted buckwheat flavored up with onions.

Pastrami Our best knish yet! Filled with peppery pastrami and potatoes.

(Recommended 1 per person)

NoOdle Kugel $4/piece or $40/pan

Traditional Jewish noodle “pudding” of egg noodles, fresh farmer’s cheese from Zingerman’s Creamery, plump raisins and a hint of vanilla. (Recommended 1 piece per person, pan serves 10)

Prepared HorseraDish $9/half pint

Ground fresh in our kitchen and made with Gingras Organic Apple Cider vinegar. Add a little to your gefilte fish. (4–6 servings per half pint)

Smoked WhitefIsh Salad $30/lb

Made with whitefish from the Great Lakes of Michigan, fresh dill and loads of Calder Dairy sour cream. (4–6 servings per pound)

Roasted BEet Salad with Pomegranate DreSsinG $10/lb

Sweet beets brightened with lemon juice, pomegranate seeds, pomegranate syrup, salt, pepper and olive oil. (2–4 servings per pound)

Herb Roasted FaRmer’s Market FinGerling POTatoes $10/lb

Roasted potatoes with olive oil, salt, pepper and lots of fresh herbs. (2–3 servings per pound)

Lemon CouS cOUs $10/lb

Hand rolled Tunisian cous cous with Marcona Almonds in a lemon herb dressing. (2–3 servings per pound)

VEGetablE Tagine $10/lb

A traditional North African dish. We slowly simmer seasonal vegetables like fresh chickpeas, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and carrots, and then season them with tajine spices from Épices de Cru of Montréal. (2–3 servings per pound)

Yom Kippur

Let us help you break your fast

bagels with cream cheese $4/each

sesame bagel with cold smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato and red onion $14 /each

blintz $5.50/each or 3/$15

Traditional Jewish crepe filled with rich farm cheese, chestnut honey and real vanilla. Served with sour cream and berry preserves.

matzo ball soup $5/person

Housemade chicken broth with our own matzo balls made with matzo meal and fresh eggs.

handmade gefilte fish $6.50/each

Limited availability.

dinner $16/person

Braised beef brisket or lemon thyme chicken, golden mashed potato and roasted carrots