Candle Illustration for Bereavement and Sympathy Catering

Sympathy and Bereavements

Sending food in a time of need can be a comforting gift.

We are often asked to send the gift of a meal to members of the community in their time of need. If you are planning a funeral or memorial service, shiva, celebration of life, or other ceremony, our staff are ready to help.

We want to be a resource for you and your family and friends when planning the details.

We will make recommendations for the food selection and the quantities needed for your event. We will prepare and present the food so it’s ready to go when you need it to be, including all of the serving utensils. We can also provide plates and utensils for your guests if they are needed. Our goal is to provide expertise and advice as well as helping you coordinate the food for your gathering.

We have over 35 years of experience making and delivering food to the Ann Arbor and surrounding area.

All of our staff, from our sales team, to our event planners, delivery drivers, and event servers, are exceptional service providers, and are able to provide kind and caring service when the stress of dealing with difficult situations arises. A gathering of family and friends to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one can be a cherished memory and reconnection and we’d be honored to provide the food and service and be a resource for you.

Questions we ask to help Coordinate your Gathering

  • Date and time of the gathering(s)
    Please provide us with the timing of guest arrival, (or let us know if there will be multiple days of gatherings) and the timing of any services or ceremonies that are taking place before or after the reception. This information helps us know the timing for set up and the amount of food that we estimate will be consumed.
  • Number of guests
    To the best of your abilities let us know the anticipated attendance. We know that it is difficult to predict how many people will attend so we will make recommendations based on our previous experience. We can also provide take home containers for leftovers or take usable food leftovers to Food Gatherers, our local food bank.
  • Day of contact
    Please ask for a volunteer to be the point of contact on the day of the event and provide their name and phone number to us. If possible, having someone who is able to be at the reception site 30–60 minutes before the rest of the guests arrive is ideal so that everything is set-up and ready when the majority of guests arrive.

Pick up or Delivery

Come by to pick up and deliver your gift in person, or have us deliver it for you. We can include a personalized note card for you as well. Choose the items you’d like to send from our menu and call us to arrange the pick-up or delivery time.


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Full Service Event

For small or large groups, this is the no stress option. You select the menu, and we’ll send along service staff to your event. You and your friends and family can spend time together not having to worry about the details, and we’ll take care of all the set-up, clean-up and everything in between.


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Zingerman's Greyline

If you need a place to host your event, Zingerman’s Greyline located in Downtown Ann Arbor can be reserved to host up to 200 guests. We also can provide a list of other venues that are located in the Ann Arbor & Southeast Michigan area.


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Candle Illustration for Bereavement and Sympathy Catering

Other Services we provide

  • Coordinating gifts from several different people
    We can take separate orders from family and friends and we will keep track of what food types and quantities are being sent and make recommendations as to how much food is needed. If several different people will want to contribute over multiple days, we will keep track of total food quantities and types of food and make suggestions for keeping the menu cohesive.
  • Gift messages and condolences
    We can provide a condolence card with any orders from family or friends who are out of town.
  • Coordinating details for delivery and service We can contact the venue where the gathering will take place to find out what their space constraints and facilities can support, and find out what tables, serving ware, and other amenities they provide. We regularly work with many local venues, and we can design the menu around any constraints the venue has.