Full Service Events (events with servers, rentals, equipment, and/or bar service) range from $30 (for dinner and non-alcoholic drinks) to $150 and up (the whole kit n’ caboodle) per person.

Breakfast or Appetizers $5 – $15 per person
Lunch or Dinner Entrees $15 – $30 per person
Dessert $3 – $12 per person
Non-Alcoholic $3 – $10 per person
Beer and wine $15 – $20 per person
Well bar including beer and wine $20 – $25 per person
Top shelf bar including beer and wine $23 – $30 per person
Rentals of basic tables, chairs and linens Approximately $7 per person
Rental of basic china dishware, glassware and flatware Approximately $11 per person, may vary depending on equipment needs
Service costs Varies based on service style (buffet, family style, plated).

Servers are $35 per hour per server from the time they leave Zingerman’s Deli until the time they return. For a buffet, we normally staff (including bartending) one server per 20 guests. For plated and family-style events, we would need more servers and chefs to plate on site.

A service fee of 20% of the food and beverage total is added on to all events that have servers.

Approximately $14 – $30 per person (based on typical length for events)

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