The Ann Arbor Guide to Good Tailgating

We go to great lengths to make gameday one for the record books for tens of thousands of Michigan fans each football season and have learned a thing or two about the whats and what-not in the world of tailgating.

Well, I’m from Zingerman’s so of course, I have to start with the food! Tailgating food should be easy, not only to prepare (if you are into that) but easy to eat and fit for a crowd.


How To Plan an Entertaining Tailgate

  1. Plan ahead on the logistics
  2. If you need a large space make arrangements ahead of time with Tailgate Guys or North End Zone and for the catering – we book up on busy days but we want to take your order so the more notice we have the better!!
  3. Don’t drink too much! It’s hard to know the perfect right amount but be careful not to overindulge before the game or you’ll be napping in your seat when Michigan Wolverines score the winning touchdown.
  4. Look at the weather and dress in layers! Michigan fall days are unpredictable, change quickly and often go from cold in the morning to really warm in the late afternoons.
  5. Plan the exit strategy – park off the main streets or have an easy in and an easy out spot at North End Zone.
  6. Plan on walking to and from the tailgate and/or game (or get someone to drop you off). It’ll likely be faster than driving.
  7. Don’t get over elaborate with the maize and blue decor. Anything you put up you’ll have to eventually take down and that’ll be after a few cocktails most likely. Unless you’ve really planned ahead and hired Zingerman’s Catering and Events – we’ll gladly bling out the tailgate with all things Wolverine and will take down and clean up in the end while you are sinking into your seat at the game.

And finally, be sure to check out our tailgate menu for all things zing and make your time pre-gaming amazing and stress-free.

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