Alternatives to the Standard Office Holiday Party

Reduce your stress level and plan a better party

We love holiday parties here at Zingerman’s Catering, from the rich and delicious appetizers to white elephant gifts, to the holiday cocktails, to the festive air. We’re often booked up at Greyline and spend a lot of our time off-site planning holiday parties for companies big and small throughout the month of December. But something we’ve recently embraced is the Post-Holiday Party. December can be such a busy time for companies with trying to finish out the fiscal year to work potlucks to figuring out when to take your PTO, That’s not to mention a busy time for individuals (kid’s end of the year recitals, family coming into town, your neighbor’s cookie exchange that you forgot about). So why not make it a little easy for your coworkers and plan something for January or even February? Here are some ideas we’ve seen to celebrate, low-stress style.

Year in Review

While it’s not always the most pleasant to return back to work after a holiday vacation, let your employees know that you value them and are glad they’re here. Take this time to reflect on everyone’s accomplishments and the significance it’s had for the company over the last fiscal year. Treat them to a nice dinner (we suggest the Pork Tenderloin or the Roasted Salmon) and have a mini awards-ceremony to celebrate returning in the new year.

Choose Your Own Adventure

We’re big into customizing and we bet your colleagues are too. Start each year off right by hosting a breakfast where your guests can choose what they want and how they want it. Whether it’s a build-your-own yogurt parfait with fresh berries and our addictive granola or a make-your-own breakfast burrito station with eggs, salsa, cheddar, and avocado, everyone will be celebrating the freedom of a new year.

Goal Setting Extravaganza

Get those creative juices flowing while you and your team hashes out goals for the upcoming year. Whether it’s a large group of brainstorm or smaller workgroups, you’ll need some brain fuel to give your team some inspiration. Choose some high protein items like our Vegetarian Frittata or breakfast sausage to get their morning (and year!) started off right.

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