Dear Guest,

We are writing to let you know that we have come to the difficult decision of putting our At Home meal program on vacation (as of August 20th)until this winter.  We are so honored to have been a part of your weekly meal routine, especially during the loneliest days of the past 16 months. As we are emerging from this pandemic, we are excited to welcome back more guests to our restaurant and to provide catering to weddings and special events.  We are also struggling, like all restaurants and caterers around the country, with rising costs of food and staffing shortages. We hope that you understand our need to put this part of our menu on vacation right now.  We have a number of hot entrees on our pickup and delivery menu (lasagna, meatloaf, and piri piri chicken, for example) that are sized for up to 10 people. We are exploring the idea of offering a smaller size version of these items (up to 5 people) to better facilitate a family dinner you can heat at home.  Stay tuned!  We will miss you dearly and very much look forward to the return of our per person At Home menu this winter.


Eat Well and Be Well,

Zingerman’s Catering