2022 Graduation Menu

Thanks for coming to Zingerman’s Catering! We’re so excited to be a part of your Graduation Day!

We bring the Deli’s best to your celebration!

Graduation MENU INFO

We deliver–$30 in Ann Arbor with an hour window – someone must be present to receive the delivery.

Prefer pickup? No need to park! Just pull up to the curb and we’ll bring your order to you. Pickup hours are 8am-6pm.

Call us to order 734-663-3400.

Graduation Packages

Deli for your GRAD

  • Our most popular deli tray (The Complete Classic) – with lots of extras to make your celebration complete.
  • Zingerman’s redskin potato salad
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Crisp veggie tray with housemade ranch and roasted red pepper dip
  • Zingerman’s black magic brownies and cookies
  • Assorted coke products

$28/person (10 person minimum)

Grillin’ for the grad

  • Hand pulled bbq’d beef brisket, spicy Cuban pork OR our hand pulled bbq’d chicken with Bakehouse buns
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Zingerman’s redskin potato salad
  • Molasses Baked Beans with bacon
  • Zingerman’s Black Magic Brownies and cookies
  • Assorted Coke Products

$31/person (10 person minimum)

Deli Trays & MORE!

Complete classic deli tray 

Award winning lean corned beef, all-natural turkey, lean pastrami and rosemary ham, Emmentaler Swiss and Wisconsin muenster cheeses, Bakehouse breads, redskin potato salad, coleslaw, pickles, olives and condiments.
$100 (serves 5)
$115 (serves 5) includes brownies and cookies

Vegetarian deli tray

Perfect accompaniment to the Complete Classic Deli Tray. This will cover your veggie guests in full flavor and offer all the extras to build some spectacular meat sandwiches. This tray includes roasted asparagus, wood-smoked artichokes, roasted bell peppers, portobello mushrooms, roasted onion, fresh spinach, fresh goat and provolone cheeses, lettuce and tomato. We include pesto mayo, roasted red pepper sauce and our housemade hummus. We send along Bakehouse bread, redskin potato salad, coleslaw, pickles and olives.
$90 (serves 5) 
$105 (serves 5) includes brownies and cookies

Grad on the Go

Zingerman’s bag lunch has everything in our easy to grab classic red bag. Choose from Catering’s select menu of Zingerman’s famous Deli sandwiches. We will include a pickle, mini black magic brownie, napkins, wet nap and a bag of Zingerman’s potato chips. Feasting made easy!

Deli sandwich platter 

Choose from Catering’s select menu of Zingerman’s famous Deli sandwiches.We cut each sandwich in half, fasten with a pick and arrange everything on a compostable platter. Your platter comes with Zingerman’s redskin potato salad, coleslaw, pickles and olives.
$105 (serves 5) 
$120 (serves 5) includes brownies and cookies 

Emma’s party to go  

We have gathered our favorite Deli snacks, salami with brown mustard, cheeses, imported olives, roasted peanuts, our housemade hummus and bagel chips and to end on a sweet note Bakehouse brownies! Graduate with flavor!
$65 (serves 5)

Pimento cheese party

This southern comfort food is great with bread or perched atop a fresh celery stick. A blend of Vermont cheddar, mayonnaise, chopped pimentos and spices. We’ll send along slices of our Bakehouse paesano rolls and fresh celery sticks. 
$22.50 (serves 5)  

Sean’s sensational cheese platter

We have gathered a crowd pleasing selection from our world famous cheese case. Vermont cheddar, Pril gouda, Faribault blue cheese and a soft spreadable Green Hill make this a full flavored favorite. This selection arrives plattered with fresh grapes and Bakehouse French baguette.
$45 (serves 5)

Baccalaureate Brunch

Detroit street fruit tray

This tray has an abundance of fresh berries, grapes, pineapple and melon.
$22.50 (serves 5) 

Coffeecakes and fresh fruit

Select from your favorite Bakehouse coffeecakes along with plenty of fresh fruit for your group to enjoy.
$40 (serves 5)

Breakfast in Ann Arbor

Our most popular breakfast option! This tray includes Bakehouse classic scones, seasonal muffins, cinnamon rolls and sourcream coffeecake. Makes a flavorful kickoff to the big day!
$90 (serves 10)

Kara’s rise and shine

Our Bakehouse’s old fashioned bagels and assorted muffins with Creamery cream cheese, Michigan farm butter and preserves.
$50 (serves 5) 

Bakehouse’s old fashioned bagels and creamy cream cheese

Accompanied with Michigan farm butter and sliced tomatoes.
$30 (serves 5) 
$50 (serves 5) with smoked salmon and capers

Textbook Desserts

Magic brownies and cookies

A tray of irresistible cookies from the Bakehouse: Funky chunky chocolate, Ginger jump-ups and Sky’s the lemon with their famously rich black magic brownies. 
$20 (serves 5) when added to a Deli or sandwich tray, only $15


ABC Kale Salad $22/lb
Fruit Salad $11/lb
Macaroni Salad $8/lb  
Tarragon Potato Salad $11/lb 


Coke product (sprite, coke and diet coke) $1.60 /can     $35 /case of 24
Spindrift sparkling sodas $2.60/can   $60/case of 24
Cold brew $3.75/16 oz bottle
Vanilla cold brew $4.50/16 oz bottle

Paper goods

maize & blue plates, napkins, utensils
plain paper goods 

** Zingerman’s Catering Select Sandwich Menu**

Due to the volume of the day we are offering a select menu of our most popular sandwiches. We are at capacity for sandwich orders.

Corned beef

#2 Zingerman’s Reuben
#13 Sherman’s Sure Choice
#81 Oswald’s Mile High
#81.5 Rick’s 50/50 Mix


#48 Binny’s Brooklyn Reuben
#22 Jenny’s Fix
#82 Don’s Rhythm & Blues


#14 Charlie M’s Tuna


#123 TNT Cowboy Reuben


#18 Georgia Reuben
#73 Tarb’s Tenacious Tenure
#42 M.J.’s Fond Farewell
#88 Peter’s Peppered Pick


#00 D’$’s Cuban Conundrum
#26 Frank & Kathy’s Half-Italian Sub
#66 Zingerman’s BLT


#23 Mary’s Commute
#51 Bob & Roz’s Fiesta
#84 Benno’s Birdie
#74 Dave’s Open Road
#85 JVW’s Detroit St. BBQ


#55 Gemini Rocks The House
#75 Leo’s Friendly Lion
#36 Lila & Izzie’s Skokie Skidoo
#246 Soy Vey! Vegan Reuben


#600 Farmer’s Market Salad
#606 Caesar Salad
#616 Grilled Chicken Caesar
#607 Greek Island Salad 
#623 ZCobb Salad

Where's the Party?

Whether you’re getting together in a house, apartment or hotel we can help!

Need venue suggestions? Our Greyline Event Space has some availability as does our partner, The North End Zone.

Pickup, Drop-off or Full Service?

We park a big truck right out on the street for our most popular option — the curbside pickup. It’s easy and on your schedule.

If you can’t make it to us we have a limited capacity for delivery and full service with our fantastic event staff!

It's never too early...

If you’re thinking of an event of 50+ or are interested in delivery or a full-service event please contact us to ensure our ability to serve you.