Catering Delivery Policy

Delivery Hours

Our normal delivery hours are 7:00 am – 5:30 pm Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 3:00 pm Saturday and Sunday. Outside of those hours, orders are available for pick-up at 422 Detroit St., or we can arrange delivery on your behalf through Metro Delivery. (This means our last delivery window ENDS at 5:30pm on weekdays, 3pm on weekends)

Delivery Charge

Standard delivery charge is $18 to any location within Ann Arbor city limits. Outside of Ann Arbor, a charge of $2 per mile will apply (one way, from 422 Detroit St.).

Our Staff

Our service is complete: our knowledgeable delivery drivers not only guarantee the prompt arrival of your order within the quoted window, we will also bring the order inside the building and even set it up.

Delivery Window

Weekday deliveries 10 am and later are scheduled using a one-hour window. Weekday morning and weekend deliveries are scheduled using a half-hour window*. Our drivers aim to arrive in the first half of that window, and may arrive as early as the beginning of the window. If our driver expects to arrive in the later half of the window, he or she will let you know by phone.

Delivery Adddress

Accurate delivery addresses and contact information are a crucial part of offering you the best possible service. Please have your exact delivery location (including building, suite, and room number) ready when you place your order, along with the name and phone number of a contact person who will be present at the location and time of delivery.

Additional Costs

Return trips for clean-up, drop-off of extra food, etc. will incur an additional delivery charge, and very large deliveries may require extra service. Speak with any Catering salesperson and we’ll be happy to help arrange your service requests!

*One-hour windows may also apply on holidays, UM football Saturdays, and special events such as UM graduation

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